Wall Absorbent


The Fazett wall-mounted system consists of a single element, a diamond that can be combined in many ways. By using fabrics of different colour it is possible to create patterns to cover any small or large surface. The diamonds create an attractive pattern and at the same time provide effective sound absorption.







Absorber 53 mm, plus spacing from wall 19 mm


Design & Materials

Back of perforated MDF.

Mineral wool filling and external cover of textile.

Simple to mount with an MDF spacer covered with hook-and-loop material. 

The spacer creates a gap of depth 19 mm from the wall.


Standard fabrics
Cara, Carlow from Camira Fabrics, price class 1
Event Screen from Gabriel, price class 1
Blazer Lite from Camira Fabrics, price class 2
Twist from Gabriel, price class 2
Floyd Screen from Kvadrat, price class 2
Gaja from Gabriel, price class 3
Remix from Kvadrat, price class 3
Blazer, Synergy from Camira, price class 3
Melange Nap, Fiord from Kvadrat, price class 4

Fazett – Product sheet

Fazett – Sound Test