Studiobricks One

Sound isolation and recording booth


For the freedom you need!

Record undisturbed, whenever you want! With their high level of sound insulation, STUDIOBRICKS One speaker booths give you the flexibility you need for your work. So you can concentrate on what matters – you!


With the acoustics you need!

Every voice needs different space properties to come into its own. Acoustic elements that can be used flexibly allow you to adapt the interior perfectly to your needs. 


Uncompromising sound.

While you enjoy perfect acoustics in your acoustic booth, those around you won't hear a peep.

You can adapt the sound yourself, exactly as you need it. 


Pure design

The STUDIOBRICKS acoustic booths are real eye-catchers!

Their timeless design enhances any location – subtle, elegant and beautiful!


Do not worry about moving

Our patented STUDIOBRICKS acoustic booth accompany you wherever you want. Simple construction and dismantling were key priorities in their development. The result is a soundproof booth that is constructed or dismantled in minutes – with full sound insulation and interior acoustic performance.

installation demo

Studiobricks One


Width: 1380 mm
Depth: 1060 mm

Height: 2220 mm



Width: 1220 mm
Depth: 900 mm

Height: 2100 mm


Weight: 434 Kg


Standard Equipment Included

Absorbers - Vicoustic A50 plus 4 Vicoustic Flexi Pol A50 Light Grey

Power Point

Carpet: Grey

Cable tunnel: Up to 10 wires.

Ventilator and cable tunnel position exchangeable

Acoustic Glass Door. Soundproof door (4 layer mirror)

LED Light Strip

Surfaces: Lacquer White



 Voice Over Edition

Ventilation Kit with filter

Special heights

Other RAL colours (


Studiobricks Specification Guide
Pitch - Studiobricks - Standard Specific
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.7 MB