Floor screens provide sound absorbing solutions to screen off areas or create spaces.


Mezzo is a versatile mobile project screen; a sound absorber, a magnetic whiteboard on the glass side and a noticeboard on the fabric side.


Focus floor screen provides textile privacy. Its feather-light design makes it easy to move when you need to create a new configuration.

Dezibel 2.0

The Dezibel floor ticks boxes in both design and noise reduction. At home in public environments but also as a screen in office surroundings.


Arc is a sound-absorbing ceiling that is used in combination with floor screens Classic or Offizz to create a feeling of enclosure.


Kyoto’s inspiration comes from the land of quiet contemplation. Nothing is superfluous, everything serves a clear function.


The Dotz simple pattern of circles creates life, playfulness and dynamism. Patterns can be created by choosing different fabrics in the perforations.


The Classic floor screen combines elegant design with maximum noise reduction. It can be used on its own, or with other items.


A low-weight floor screen that can easily be moved. Readily deployed to create sound barriers, dividing the office and improving its environment.


The Offizz floor screen has been designed to dampen the general noise level in an office and provide screening.